“Are we there yet?” Yes, you are. You’ve arrived at Milestone Outdoor, a destination where citywide outdoor advertising campaigns are reached. Be excited that your customers will no longer be bored in their travels. Your unique message on our exclusive inventory is a great way to satisfy your undiscovered customer. Offering five of the most popular and trusted media formats in the OOH industry, Milestone will bring your campaign vision to measurable fruition. Ready to begin? Contact us today.


These larger than life locations are great for making optimal impact. Much like the Spectaculars of Times Square, our giant wall advertisements are composed with Mesh, Vinyl or Hand Paint.


Murals on the street! Our Streetscapes are typically in landscape format and reside on the first floor of a building. They do get larger at times where we struggle with reassigning them to the Wallscape field. Streetscapes are usually one of two mediums, Adhesive Vinyl or Hand Paint.


Posters are a staple to the urban landscape. At Milestone we deliver Dominations, Exclusive Units and the necessary touch of honest Wildposting. All posting sizes offered upon request.


Speak to your audience as clear as glass. In-Window advertising consists of a 3M Adhesive Vinyl medium with see-thru backing, where necessary. It is here that Milestone Outdoor will make sure your message sticks.

Special Projects

Over the years we have been asked to work on a dozen special projects. There are none too small or too large for our team.